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Kenta Mogami (茂上 剣太 Mogami Kenta?) is one of the major characters of the Mahou Kaiju Series' Kaiju World War Arc, introduced as one of the founders of the superhero youth team Young Braves Brigade and one of the protagonists of the anime of the same name. He has the power to transform into the equine kaiju Exeseed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kenta is a boy in his early teens who has bluish-indigo eyes and spiked red hair, which he wears in a ponytail. He wears a white shirt with a yellow "S" on it, baggy blue shorts, a red short-sleeved jacket and white and red sneakers. Around his neck is a pair of white headphones.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kenta is very childish. He gets excited easily, but constantly complains whenever he's not satisfied about something. This childish personality often clashes with Connor's more serious personality, causing the Japanese and American boys to get into fights. Like his brother, Shouto, and father, Kazuto, he is very passionate about basketball and would often get into long discussions about it with them, much to the annoyance of his sister, Minaki. He also tends to brag about the fact that he is a member and MVP of his champion team of Japan's national school tournament.

He also has dirty mind because of his childish mindset. This is shown whenever Kenta would comment about his crush-turned-girlfriend Lebe Safree's breasts as "delicious" and "cute", much to the annoyance of Lebe though she doesn't mind all that much.

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Lebe Safree[edit | edit source]

The Norwegian girl Lebe is classmates with Kenta in their school and has a slight infatuation with the boy. Kenta also has a crush with Lebe but is too embarrassed to reveal until at some point after Lebe joins the Young Braves Brigades team, when he accidentally blurted out his feelings to the girl.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Mana Sensitivity - Kenta is a member of the Magi human species, with his body reactive to mana, allowing him to cast supernatural powers.
  • Fire manipulation -
  • Levitation -
  • Kaiju Transformation - He can transform into the horse kaiju Exeseed.
    • Greater Kaiju Transformation -
    • Super Kaiju Transformation -

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “Come out, my larger form! Run through the earth as fast as the wind! Kaiju Transformation! Flaming Horse Kaiju Exeseed!” (出てこい、俺の巨大な姿!疾風の如く大地を駆けろ!怪獣変身!炎馬の怪獣エグゼシード! Detekoi, ore no kyodaina sugata! Hayate no gotoku daichi wo kakero! Kaijū henshin! Enma no kaijū eguzeshīdo!?)
  • “Buster Connect! RUBION BUSTER!! Buster Hell! Buster Heaven! BURN IN FLAMES!!” (バスターコネクト!ルビオンバスタァァァァッ!!バスターヘル!バスターヘブン!炎に燃やせぇぇぇぇぇっ!! Basutā Konekuto! Rubion Basutaaaaa!! Basutā Heru! Basutā Hebun! Honō ni moyaseeeeee!!?)
  • “V-V-Victory!!” (ビビっとビクトリー!! Bibitto bikutorī!!?) (victory catchphrase)
  • “Burn up, soul of flames! Gallantly and ferociously, shout out to the world! Greater Kaiju Transformation! Pegasus Kaiju Exeseed-Wing!” (燃え上がれ、炎の魂!雄々しく強く、世界に轟け!大怪獣変身!天馬の怪獣エグゼシードウィング Moeagare, honō no tamashī! Ooshiku tsuyoku, sekai ni todoroke! Dai kaijū henshin! Tenba no kaijū Eguzeshīdo Wingu!?)
  • Kenta: “Burn up, flames of spirits!”
    Connor: “Become a new wind!”
    Both: “Dazzling and powerful shining form, bring light to our future! Super Kaiju Transformation! The New God Kaiju Exe-Gale-Seed!!”
    Moeagare, tamashī no honō!
    Aratanaru kaze to nare!
    Mabayuku tsuyoku, kagayaku sugata de, mirai o terase! Chō kaijū henshin! Magami no kaijū Eguze-Geiru-Shīdo!!
  • “Quasarmageddon Chaos! I will destroy you and your malicious vanity!” (クエサルマゲドン・カオス!お前の執念など、俺が破壊してやる! Kuesarumagedon Kaosu! Omae no shūnen nado, ore ga hakai shite yaru!?)
  • Kenta: “Quasarmageddon Chaos! Become…!”
    Connor: “Wind…!”
    Kuesarumagedon Kaosu yo! Honō ni…!
    Kaze ni…!

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