“I have no sympathy for a wicked sorcerer.”
Kaya Blanche (カヤ・ブランシュ Kaya Buransshu?) is a supporting character of Shin Gamera and its sequels throughout the Mahou Kaiju Series.

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Kaya originally trained under her mother to be a witch. But one day when Kaya was a little girl, she was kidnapped by Eisen Faust. Eisen used Kaya as bait as to lure her mother into a trap. Since her daughter was held hostage, Kaya's mother was easily captured. Eisen would spend several days performing inhuman experiments on the Kaya's mother to see if a witch's magic can be extracted, while young Kaya was forced to watch as her mother's mental state deteriorates for Eisen's test. At some point, Kaya and her mother were able to escape, however Kaya's mother eventually died due to the physical and mental strain caused by Eisen's experiments. Kaya's mother entrusted her daughter to her best friend Yuuko Morino. Kaya would continue her training as a witch as Yuuko's apprentice. After her traumatizing encounter with Eisen Faust, Kaya developed a deep-seated resentment towards sorcerers.

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  • Magi physiology / Sensitivity to chi -
  • Strong magical powers -
  • Water elemental manipulation -
  • Kaiju Transformation - At some time during the timeskip between the Downfall and Kaiju World War arcs, Kaya gained the ability to transform into a kaiju form, in particular Tiamadou.

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