The Cancer Sacred Sword Kanikiri (巨蟹神刀・蟹切カニキリ Kyokai Shintō Kanikiri?) is one of the four Satanic Arms created by the Underworld Legion to be used as a weapon to corrupt the resurrected Shinto god of war Hachiman, who would then fight on the side of the evil demonic empires and wield the cursed sword.

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Kanikiri's blade base is extremely sharp and slightly-curved, similar to a katana, with a silver-purple shaded color on the metal. It also has a black grip and a green knucklebow guard with violet curved protruded blades.

History Edit

Kanikiri was one of the only four completed Satanic Arms out of the twelve proposed weapons, alongside Sagittobow, Leo-Blaster and Scorlance.

When Hachiman, who was killed millennia ago in the Ancient War, was resurrected through an Orb of Antares in 2034, he was restrained and forced to hold Kanikiri, which allowed the weapon's curse to warp the war god's mind into a rage driven to a path to destroy everything in its path.

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Hachiman armed with Kanikiri

Hachiman corrupted by Kanikiri

Kanikiri's primary ability is its curse that can drive a god into animalistic and murderous rage, in this case Hachiman, which the sword was created specifically for.

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