Kaito Yamase (山瀬 魁斗 Yamase Kaito?) is the main protagonist of the movie Heaven and Hell: Daimajin.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kaito is a man with above average height and a well-toned healthy body, coupled with a fair skin tone. He has short but thick brown hair and purple irises on his eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kaito is a man with dedication to his promises, especially to the ones closest to him. He is also a virtuous and patient man, believing that while he and his girlfriend Fuuko acknowledge that they love each other, they have to wait for the right time and dedicate first to their livelihoods and dreams of their own before their relationship could move forward. His "purity of soul" is what qualified him to be given the power of Daimajin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Heaven and Hell: Daimajin[edit | edit source]

In a remote island in the Japanese archipelago, Kaito's team of archaeologists discovered a cave with nothing alive in it. Kaito fell into a crevice and landed on a mysterious stone shrine where a massive idol stands at the altar. Confused, he yelled out for help with barely any response from the crewmates and walked towards the idol where he found a magatama on a table. Upon touching it, it glowed and Kaito flew back before being rendered unconsciousness. Fortunately, the crewmates managed to bring him back to the surface, while he was still holding the magatama.

Going to the home of his girlfriend Fuuko, Kaito did not see her but instead her younger brother Junya. Kaito gave Junya the magatama he found in the expedition and told him to give it to his elder sister as a gift, as well as a letter he wrote, which said that he would be leaving yet again and that he'd always love her, no matter what happens. He was about to depart for another trip when he was captured by the 12 Angels, a crime syndicate that had been plaguing Tokyo for months.

After Kaito's life was almost entirely drained by the 12 Angels' experiments, Junya noticed the magatama was glowing and lightened the path leading to where Kaito was currently at. Following the path, Junya managed to find the 12 Angels base, infiltrated it and got past the security by going through the vents and encountered his half-dead friend. After Junya placed the magatama on Kaito's hand, the latter's consciousness drifts into a limbo where he met the spirit of Daimajin who told him that because of his goodness of heart and purity of soul, he was made worthy to wield the great power to become Daimajin and restore harmony and order in Japan. As Kaito accepts, his life had been restored and woke up. He floated back into the cave where he first encountered the statue of Daimajin, and entered it, assuming control of it and awakening for the first time.

The monsters hatched from the eggs as result of the 12 Angels' experiments merged to become a gigantic kaiju called Gurugura, a culmination of the terrorist organization's efforts.

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Fuuko Izumi[edit | edit source]

Prior to their capture by the 12 Angels, Kaito and Fuuko have kept their relationship chaste, never slept with each other, went out on a date or ever kissed. Instead, they focused their priorities on their work first, Kaito being an archeologist and Fuuko a special police agent. He believed that waiting for the right time is key to forming a relationship that lasts for life. Once they were done accomplishing their dreams, they would then focus on making each other happy.

Junya Izumi[edit | edit source]

With his relationship with Fuuko, Kaito became closer with her younger brother Junya, who in turn saw him as somewhat of an older brother.

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