“No one talks to me. No one loves me. I've always thought it's for the best…”

Jisai Shishigami (獅子神 自斎?) is a Taimanin from the Kaiju World War Saga who is a student in the Gosha Academy and said to be one of the most extraordinarily powerful, but also one of the most emotionally isolated individuals of the bunch.



Jisai is a person who has little conviction in herself because of her extremely powerful abilities, in particular her God-Style Arts ninjutsu that are thought to be brimming from her very eyes. Since she has to cover her eyes with a mask to contain her godlike powers from accidentally unleashing, this affects her social standing with other Taimanin in the academy and she often discourages other people from seeing her, making her feel very lonely and unappreciated.


Jisai is a student in Gosha Academy. She is one of the most famous natural ninjas in the millennium due to her wielding the unusual "God-Style Jutsu", which allows her to observe the natural order of the world and harness the power of the gods of old. Rumor has it that her eyes are so powerful that anything she sees are afflicted with a powerful inescapable curse. As a result, Jisai resorts to using a mask that covers her eyes all the time. In her mask state, she can feel the surrounding situation more than ordinary people. Because it protects her and has the help of the paranormal.

For that reason, she is afraid even within her own confidence as a Taimanin, and she keeps herself away from everybody else. It is said that there is a place in the primeval forest near the Academy where she can relax, and open her eyes by unmasking once in a while. Although she is a self-sufficient in her duties, she rarely opens her eyes and uses her paranormal power.

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Jisai is known to be one of the most powerful Taimanin for her abilities shown below.

  • Magi physiology / Extreme chi sensitivity
  • Ninja Arts: God-Style Jutsu (忍法・神遁の術 Ninpō: Shinton no Jutsu?) – This extremely rare and powerful Ninja Arts is a paranormal lurking in the natural world. In one theory, it is a ninjutsu that harnesses and uses the power of old gods. It is said that her eyes are filled with godliness, and what she sees with her eyes are cast with a terrible curse. Her power is so great that her eyes are always covered with a special ninja mask to contain the dangerous potential.
  • Master swordsmanship – Jisai has excelled the use of her sword and is able to perfect a sword-to-sword fight on her own favor. She is said to even have the ability to compete with Rinko Akiyama's Lost Sword Style, but she simply denied, claiming that "she would not be as good as Rinko without supernatural powers."
  • Superhuman agility


  • 'Torrent of God (神気の奔流 Shinki no Honryū?)
  • God-Style Jutsu: Divine Release (神遁の術 “神気解放” Shinton no Jutsu: Shinki Kaihō?)
  • Blood Halberd (血閃槍 Kessensō?)


  • “My name is Jisai Shishigami. How do you know this name? If you don't want to be cursed, go away.” (私の名は、獅子神自斎。この名に聞き覚えはあるでしょう?呪い殺されたくなければ、立ち去りなさい Watashi no na wa, Shishigami Jisai. Kono na ni kikioboe wa arudeshou? Noroi korosa retakunakereba, tachisari nasai?)
  • “No one talks to me. No one loves me. I've always thought it's for the best…” (誰も私と話さない。誰も私を愛さない。それでいいと、ずっと思ってきたわ…… Dare mo watashi to hanasanai. Dare mo watashi o aisanai. Sore de ii to, zutto omotte kita wa……?)
  • “Everyone says we are equal, but that's a lie. This, my existence, is good proof.” (人は誰もみな平等だと言うけれど、そんなのは嘘。この私の存在が、いい証拠よ Hito wa dare mo mina byōdōda to iukeredo, sonna no wa uso. Kono watashi no sonzai ga, ii shōko yo?)
  • “Doing that for me… I thought it was going back then, but that's where you are good.” (私にあんなことをするなんて……。あの時はどうかしていると思ったけれど、でも、それがあなたのいいところでもあるのよね Watashi ni an'na koto o suru nante… Ano toki wa dōka shite iru to omotta keredo, demo, sore ga anata no ii tokoro demo aru no yo ne?)
  • “You are strange… You keep on coming to me naturally. You're a really funny one.” (あなたは、不思議ね……。こんな私と、自然体で接してくれる。本当、おかしな人 Anata wa, fushigi ne… Konna watashi to, shizentai de sesshite kureru. Hontō, okashina hito?)
  • “Have I become more powerful… again?” (また、強くなってしまったの……? Mata, tsuyoku natte shimatta no…??)
  • “Is this overflowing power due to the existence of the paranormal? Or…” (この溢れてくる力は、超常の存在のせい?それとも…… Kono afurete kuru chikara wa, chōjō no sonzai no sei? Soretomo…?)
  • “Power is flowing all over my body… This power again…? No, this is my ability, indeed.” (力が、体中にみなぎってくる……。この力もまた……?いえ、これは私の実力、そうよね Chikara ga, karadajū ni minagitte kuru… Kono chikara mo mata…? Ie, kore wa watashi no jitsuryoku, sou yo ne?)


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