“Hey, this is Hebiko Aishu~. Nice to be at your service♪ Well, what now? Oh, well, let's go together!”

Hebiko Aishu (相州 蛇子 Aishū Hebiko?) is one of the main characters of Kaiju World War: Part 1 and supporting characters of Kaiju World War: Part 2. She is a childhood friend of Kotaro Fuuma.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

She is a first-year student in the Gosha Academy. She is a beast-style jutsu user; particularly prominent amongst them are those known as "Beast Change Shinobi", Taimanin who keep beastly power within their very bodies as a sort of superwoman system of ninja art. And her beast change type is "Devilfish", in other words, she turns into an octopus. According to Kotarou Fuuma, she's an incomprehensible woman whose name is Hebiko, but she turns into an octopus. Hebiko's rebuttal to this is that she inherited the name from her grandmother, who apparently was able to beast change into a large snake, supposedly. She's a part of a low-ranking family that has served the Fuuma family for generations, thus she always tries to look after him in her own way.

Hebiko is famous in the academy for being able to turn into an octopus and firing ink, and there's the fear that if hit with that ink, a person will be unable to get it off for three days and three nights, during which will be stuck smelling horrible. When she changes into an octopus, both of her legs become octopus legs. That being said, they don't become multiple octopus legs, each leg simply turns into one large octopus leg. Thanks to their incredible elasticity, it's possible for them to extend up to a maximum length of 30 meters, and if cut they can be immediately regenerated. Her favored weapons are ninja short swords, in the four-sword style (which she wields by using both hands and both feet while in octopus form).

Kaiju World War Part 1[edit | edit source]

After Gaiza's takeover of the academy, she, Kotaro and Shikanosuke escape from the vicinity and inform Asagi of the incident.

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Kaiju World War Part 2[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is also somewhat of a klutz. She is also sensitive about her physical appearance, since she proclaims herself to be 150cm tall. Worse, if one were to correct her and tell her that she's actually 149cm, or pretty much anything that annoys her, she would shoot her ink breath at them in anger.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kotaro Fuuma[edit | edit source]

Shikanosuke Uehara[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hebiko has abilities that can come quite handy for her in times of trouble or inconvenience.

  • Chi Sensitivity due to Magi Physiology – As a member of the Magi sub-species of humans, Hebiko's body is reactive to mana/chi which gives her superhuman abilities, in particular those that she is fond of, as shown below.
  • Ninja Art: Beast-Style Jutsu - Type "Devilfish" (忍法・獣遁の術 タイプ“Devilfish” Ninpō: Jūton no Jutsu - Taipu “Debirufisshu”?) – It is a ninja art belonging to the Magi system used by those called beast-change shinobi, who are able to keep beastly power within their very bodies. Hebiko inherits this type of Beast-Style Jutsu where she changes into an octopus. This allows her to act freely even underwater, spit out ink, change her legs into octopus legs, and even assimilate into scenery to completely camouflage herself.
    • Healing Squid Ink (癒しのタコ墨 Iyashi no Takosumi?)
    • Hebiko's Squid Ink (蛇子のタコ墨 Hebiko no Takosumi?)
  • Professional Swordsmanship: 'Four-Sword Style' (四刀流 Shitōryū?)

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Beast-Style Jutsu - Four-Sword Style: Squid Beating SPECIAL (獣遁の術 “四刀流・タコ殴りSPECIAL” Jūton no Jutsu - Shitōryū: Takonagiri Supesharu?) – Hebiko's signature attack.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • “Hey, this is Hebiko Aishu~. Nice to be at your service♪ Wait, well now? Oh, well, let's go together!” (相州蛇子だよ~。これからもよろしくね♪ って、いまさらかなぁ? でもこれからは、もっと一緒にいられるね! Aishū Hebiko dayo ~. Korekara mo yoroshiku ne ♪ Tte, imasara ka nā? Demo korekara wa, motto issho ni irareru ne!?)

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her name "Hebiko" literally means "snake child" in Japanese.
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