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The Great Famine of 2033–2035 (2033-2035年の大飢饉 2033-2035-Nen no Dai-kikin?) was a worldwide disaster that spawned primarily as an effect of the currently ongoing World War 3. Most of Earth was affected, but North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia suffered the worst. The famine caused about 58 million deaths across the globe over an extended number of years until the end of the conflict.

The Great Famine started with bad weather in spring 2033. Crop failures lasted through 2034 until the summer harvest in 2035. Beyond the war, the famine alone was marked by extreme levels of crime, disease, widespread death, and even mass suicide, cannibalism and infanticide. The crisis had consequences for the war for both the Allied and Terran Powers.

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Great Famine[edit | edit source]

At the some point in late 2034, worldwide starvation reached its peak as a result of the continuous ferocity of total war in the conflict, with an estimated 950,000 people dying a day from hunger and thirst. Major factions looked for alternative foodstuffs simply to survive.

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