“Forged by the gods, wielded by man, with its power that makes evildoers fear, weapon of justice… The Treasure Saga Blade Grand-Daeva!”
—Summoning call
The Treasure Saga Blade Grand-Daeva (しんほうけんグラン・デーヴァ Shinwa Hōken Guran-Dēva?) is the ancient sword forged by the Hindu God Brahma for the king of the Khmer people, Jayavarman II. It is retrieved in the present day by the Young Braves Brigade as a weapon to help them and their friends save the world.

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Grand-Daeva is a long broadsword with silver edges and an orange fuller with golden decorative patterns on it. Its cross-guard between the handle and the blade has gold floral patterns and a blue jewel as its centerpiece. It also a red hilt and a golden pommel, also with a blue jewel at the center of its base.

History Edit

Over 1200 years ago, the land that would be Cambodia was embroiled in chaos, with constant wars being fought between countless warlords. When Jayavarman II (麝耶亞馬路曼ジャヤーヴァルマンせい Jayāvaruman Nana-sei?) was a boy, his father, a warlord, and much of his family were killed and his village was pillaged by an enemy army. However, he escaped and prayed to the gods for the chaos ravaging the land to end. The Hindu God of Creation Brahma appeared before the young Jayavarman and offered to give him a god-forged power to be wielded by a man with a heart of justice. Brahma created and gave to Jayavarman the sword he christens as Grand-Daeva. In the next few years, with his divine sword and continuous training, Jayavarman defeated warlords and unified much of the Khmer lands under his rule. Throughout the Khmer Empire's existence, Grand-Daeva would be inherited from king to king. However, after the death of Jayavarman VII, the later kings of Angkor would be less just and more corrupt, and as a result, the gods would slowly turn away from the Khmer people and strip its leaders of Grand-Daeva's powers. Within years, Angkor and its empire would fall to foreign invaders and Grand-Daeva would be buried within the ruins of the crown jewel city, completely forgotten in history.

Abilities Edit

Whenever Kenta Mogami or Connor Albatrosa would summon Grand-Daeva for combat, whether it is normal or in their kaiju forms, they say, “Forged by the gods, wielded by man, with its power that makes evildoers fear, weapon of justice… The Treasure Saga Blade Grand-Daeva!” (神に鍛造され、人に振り回し、悪を恐れさせる力、正義の武装よ…神話宝剣グラン・デーヴァ! Kami ni tanzō sare, hito ni furimawashi, aku wo osore saseru chikara, seigi no busō yo… Shinwa Hōken Guran-Dēva!?)

Since it is forged and blessed by a god, Grand-Daeva is composed with the following powers:

  • God-like powers
  • Great durability

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  • "Daeva"/"Deva" (‎देव) means "God" in Sanskrit. It can also mean "heavenly divinity and supremacy". In early Vedic writings, Devas are supernatural entities, alongside the Ashuras.
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