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“I'm Gonza Dobashi… you get it now? Right, clan homeboy?”

Gonza Dobashi (土橋 権左 Dobashi Gonza?) is one of the characters of the final arc of the Mahou Kaiju Series, introduced in the movie Kaiju World War: Part 1.


He is a muscular man with black hair tied to his back and blue irises on his eyes.


As a steward of the Nisha clan, it's considered to be a job where wisdom is desired over fighting strength, but Gonza is said to be the complete opposite. An enthusiastic soldier that will follow his master's command without any hesitation, he will turn the tip of his spear wherever commanded. He, for example, would not even hesitate to kill his own father and mother if given the order. At least, that is what the people who know him believe.


Gonza is a Taimanin known for being a strong spear user. As the head of the Dobashi clan, his ancestors have served as the steward of Gaiza Nisha's family for generations, as well as being Gaiza's right-hand man.

Kaiju World War: Part 1[]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[]


Gaiza Nisha[]

He is extremely loyal to the head of the Nisha clan as both his steward and right-hand man.


  • Magi Physiology/Sensitivity to Chi
  • Master Spearmanship – Gonza is extremely well-endowed in his skills in handling his large spear in combat.
  • Kaiju Transformation – He also has the ability to transform into the blue humanoid kaiju Soldnerg.
  • Earth Elemental Powers – Gonza's ninja arts, the Ground-Style Jutsu (土遁の術 Doton no Jutsu?) allows him to manipulate the earth element, such as raising large pillars of rocks from the ground and creating large cracks on the surface.


  • Frenzy Spear (狂乱槍 Kyōransō?)
  • Ground Storm Attack (土塊流撃 Tsuchikure Ryūgeki?)
  • Ground-Style Jutsu: Coiling Earthen Road (土遁の術“捲土往来” Doton no Jutsu - Kendo Ōrai?) – Underground movement with the same strength and speed as something moving on the earth's surface is possible. Other than living things and artificial compounds, it is said that anything can be freely moved in a swim-like manner. Also, he has learned to freely manipulate lumps of the earth to do various things, such as making a clone of himself. Buildings and asphalt can be sent underground and moved, but compared to natural earth, their movement speed is slow. It also isn't possible to manipulate them freely like normal lumps of earth.


  • “I'm Gonza Dobashi… you get it now? Right, clan homeboy?” (土橋権左だ……って知ってるか。なあ宗家のお坊ちゃん Dobashi Gonza da…… -tte shitteru ka. Nā sōke no obocchan?)
  • “So, this is the clan homeboy. You want something from me?” (これは宗家のお坊ちゃん。俺になんか用かい? Kore wa sōke no obocchan. Ore ni nanka yō kai??)
  • “There are humans here who have taken the breath of the clan, so I don't want to stay here.” (ここにいるのは宗家の息がかかった人間ばかりで、居づらいったらないね Koko ni iru no wa sōke no iki ga kakatta ningen bakari de, izura ittara nai ne?)
  • “The only one who I want to call "master" is Gaiza, not you.” (俺がお館様と言ったら骸佐様の事だ。あんたじゃあない Ore ga oyakatasama to ittara Gaiza-sama no koto da. Anta jānai?)
  • “Although it can't be helped, I didn't think I'll be taking action alongside sir's human form… Well, I'll do my job properly.” (仕方ないとはいえ宗家の人間と行動を共にする事になるとはねえ……ま、仕事はきちんとこなすさ Shikatanai to wa ie sōke no ningen to kōdō o tomo ni suru koto ni naru to wa ne…… ma, shigoto wa kichinto konasu sa?)


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