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“What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am?! I'm the Goddamn Samurai!
—Jin Yuugami, as the Samurai
Jin Yuugami (夕神 迅 Yūgami Jin?) is one of the prominent major characters in the Mahou Kaiju Series. Though his first appearance is in Shin Gamera where he is introduced as a lawyer and Japan's Resource Committee Chairman, he would play a more important role in the series after he officially debuted as his dark superhero alter-ego The Goddamn Samurai (死神の侍 Shinigami no Samurai?) in the film of the same name.

Appearance Edit

Jin is a tall muscular man with a sinister-looking appearance to reflect his dark superhero identity that nobody outside of the Justice Alliance knows about. He has long black hair with a patch of white on the front right, and is tied on his back as a ponytail. He has two vertical scars below his eyes. His lawyer attire is a white polo and tie underneath a dark-blue long-sleeved suit with yellow buttons, coupled with the same-colored pants, black belt and boots. He also wears a long black-and-white collared vest with the Yuugami family crest on it.

As the Goddamn Samurai, his attire is entirely black. Its armored parts underneath his black clothed bodysuit are on the torso with decorated abs and his superhero symbol on the chest, gauntlets with three protruded spikes on each, gloves, thighs, knee-pads and boots that also have three spikes on the back. He wears a utility belt with a golden handle on the center and several pouches and accessories on the sides. It is also has a long flowing cape. His head gear is a samurai helmet with silver horns, a golden four-pointed star on the forehead portion, chin guard and visors to cover his eyes and make them entirely white on the outside. The only parts that aren't concealed are his lower face.

Personality Edit

Jin, a brash and aggressive man who is always prepared for combat and unafraid of any threat he can face against, is known for his use of psychological manipulation in battle. Outside of his excellent use of martial arts, swordsmanship and marksmanship, among his tricks are flattery, suggestive persuasion, and implicit death threats. The latter especially comes in various forms, but one of his favorites is his use of iaijutsu with his fingers, causing a "slicing" effect that has been seen to slice a feather in half, and was even able to cut off a piece of Kousuke's hair. Although these threats are usually idle, they are part of a larger persona that he has built for himself, based off of his reputation as a orphan from a rich family living in a cruel place and period. This allows him to instill fear and uneasiness in others, especially towards criminals, the same kin that killed his parents and the ones that he has great hatred against.

A highly disciplined and focused man, Jin was capable of hiding his secret identity as the Goddamn Samurai from the public for a very long time. Several years of training and living in a dark persona fighting crime for many years even withstood or evaded several attacks by the Great Marshall of Hell without skipping a beat. However, underneath his somewhat intimidating appearance and his brutal acts is a kind, lawful man who is willing to help the helpless and weak and refuses to kill even after beating criminals with every inch of their lives.

Despite his rivalry with her, he deeply cares about Ingrid, to the point of maintaining his guilt to the bitter end in order to protect her and keep Barde Barde guessing. However, despite caring about and believing in her, Jin isn't adverse to teasing Ingrid about her skill level and allegiance with Edwin Black. He also doesn't indulge in her occasional moments where her lack of confidence gets the better of her, preferring to instead make a good-natured snarky comment or directly telling her to pull herself together.

Jin has a dark and somewhat mischievous sense of humor that he mixes in with his intimidation tactics. He often tells larger-than-life stories of prisoners he has met in the Tokyo Asylum, such as a surgeon or a captured ninja, usually to make a point. He also gives unflattering nicknames to just about everyone other than his fellow allies in the Justice Alliance, whom he addresses using the Japanese honorific "-dono". However, he has little patience for what he perceives as ridiculous, refusing to let Kousuke and Ryuunosuke head to the dangerous Tokyo Kingdom while claiming he will save Asagi and Sakura Igawa on his own, only to very reluctantly allow them to, and even leaving the Justice Alliance meeting room after one of the superheroes gave a testimony he deemed "rubbish".

His pet hawk Taka plays many roles for him. As part of the Samurai's intimidation game, he sics Taka on allies and villains alike whom he perceives to be lying, cheating, annoying him, or otherwise obstructing the proceedings. Taka is also used to deliver evidence to other parties and keep the phantom's psychological profile safe. Jin appears to like birds in general, stating that he believes that penguins are the top attraction at aquariums, and becoming angry when someone belittled Rifle the penguin.

He seemed to have a low initial opinion of the Taimanins. However, the Samurai seems to have changed his mind in the aftermath of the Great Marshall of Hell's death, as he would go on to approach the Taimanin for Ryuunosuke's help in finding Sakura.

Background Edit

Origins Edit

When Jin was 8 years old, after he and his parents, Takeru and Madoka Yuugami, finished watching The Last Samurai in a theater, they came across a strange dark alleyway where they encountered a robber. They tried to escape from the robber, but he shot Takeru and Madoka dead and ran off when he heard the police sirens before he could shoot Jin, leaving the child to deal with the death of his parents alone.

Shin Gamera Edit

The Goddamn Samurai Edit

Jin dons the superhero/vigilante identity of the Goddamn Samurai to combat crime plaguing Tokyo and warding off the same kind of injustices that dragged him down to who he now became. He becomes a close ally of the Taimanins after helping Kousuke Sawaki and Ryuunosuke Shirogane in their quests.

Gamera vs. the Goddamn Samurai Edit

He eventually joins the Justice Alliance of Japan, becoming renowned as the only member of the team who doesn't have superpowers but is still a very competent and skilled fighter. Even so, the Samurai is much stronger and more skilled than many super-powered members of the Alliance. He earns the friendship and truth of both Ichiro Tachibana and his fiancee Lily Ramses Futaba, who soon become two of his closest and greatest allies.

After the defeat of Iris, Jin attends the wedding of Ichiro and Lily, playing the role of the former's best man.

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Abilities Edit

The Samurai, while lacking supernatural abilities and power since he is not born from the Magi species like most of the members of the Justice Alliance, is very profound and skilled in combat and makes up his lack of superpowers with his mastery on martial arts, weaponry and even gadgetry that he invented.

  • Martial Arts Mastery - He is extremely skilled on several forms of martial arts including karate, judo, taekwondo, etc.
  • Arsenal Mastery - Armed with several weapons at his disposal, including his signature sword, the Kokuzantou.
    • Master Swordsmanship - His Kokuzantou is his signature blade that he crafted by himself.
    • Master Marksmanship - He is also skilled in using firearms and sharpshooting, making accurate shots against his opponents.
  • Utility Belt - Has various combat accessories from his costume or utility belt (e.g., a demon repellent spray can and explosive bullets)
  • Intellectual Command - He possesses brilliant tactical plannings and strategic intelligence.
  • Excellent Driving Prowess - He is very good at driving, as well as maneuvering any kind of vehicle. As such, he possesses various five super-vehicles called the Samurai Vehicles.
  • Super Robot Piloting - He can even pilot his own counter-kaiju mecha, in this case, the Great Samuraider, the combination of all five of his Samurai Vehicles.

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Quotes Edit

Roll Call Edit

  • “What are you, dense? Are you retarded or something? Who the hell do you think I am?! I'm the Goddamn Samurai! The sword that cleaves evil!!” (何だお前、間抜け?脳たりんなのか?我を誰だと思ってやがる?!我は死神の侍!悪を断つ剣なり!! Nanda omae, manuke? Nōtarin na no ka? Ware wo dare da to omotte yagaru! Ware wa Shinigami no Samurai! Aku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!!?)
  • “There is nothing that my Black Cleaving Sword cannot cut!” (我が黒斬刀に断てぬ物無し! Waga Kokuzantō ni tatenu mono nashi!?)
  • “Recieve the power of the Goddamn Samurai with your own goddamn life!” (この死神の侍の力、その命でとくと味わえ! Kono Shinigami no Samurai no chikara nado, sono inochi de toku to ajiwae!?)
  • “Taste the power of the Black Samurai with your very own flesh!” (この黒機侍の力、その身でとくと味わえ! Kono kuroki samurai no chikara, sono mi de toku to ajiwae!?)

Mecha Formation Edit

  • “Samurai Vehicles, launch!” (サムライビークル、発進! Samuraibīkuru, hasshin!?)
  • “Samurai Transformation!” (侍変形! Samurai Henkei!?)
  • “Two-Vehicle Formation! Samurai Combination! The Samuraider has arrived!!” (二車形隊!侍合体!サムライダー、見参!! Nisha Keitai! Samurai Gattai! Samuraidā, kenzan!!?)
  • “Five-Vehicle Formation! Samurai Combination! The Black Samurai under Divine Providence! Great Samuraider, forward!!” (五車形隊!侍合体!天下御免の黒機侍!グレートサムライダー、参る!! Gosha Keitai! Samurai Gattai! Tenkagomen no kuroki samurai! Gurētosamuraidā, mairu!!?)

Attacking Edit

  • “My sword is the spark of thunder!” (我が一刀は、いかずちのきらめき! Waga ittō wa, ikazuchi no kirameki!?)
  • “Behold! For this is my swordsmanship!” (刮目せよっ!これが我が太刀筋なり! Katsumoku seyo! Kore ga waga tachisuji nari!?)
  • “Experience this cleave of the clouds with your own flesh!” (雲耀の太刀…その身でしかと受け止めよ! Unyō no tachi… sono mi de shikato uketomeyo!?)
  • “CHESUTO!!” (チェストォォォォォッ!!?)

Support Edit

  • “You have called, Ichirou Tachibana?!” (俺を呼んだか、橘壱郎!! Ore wo yonda ka, Tachibana Ichirō!!?)
  • “Sokuren Tachibana! Leave it up to me!” (橘速連!後は俺に任せろ! Tachibana Sokuren! Ato wa ore ni makasero!?)
  • “Lily Ramses Futaba! I'll provide assistance!!” (双葉・リリー・ラムセス!助太刀する!! Futaba Rirī Ramusesu! Sukedachi suru!!?)
  • “Kousuke Sawaki! You have done enough for now!” (沢木浩介!踏み込みが足りんぞ! Sawaki Kōsuke! Fumikomi ga tarin zo!?)
  • “Leave the rest to me! Asagi Igawa!!” (後は任せろ!井河アサギ!! Ato wa makasero! Igawa Asagi!!?)
  • “Magdalena! I will handle this undertaking!” (マグダレナ!後は俺が引き受ける! Magudarena! Ato wa ore ga hikiukeru!?)

Fighting Opponents Edit

  • “Take the fury of my sword! Edwin Black!!” (我が剣を受けよ!エドウィン・ブラック!! Waga tsurugi wo ukeyo! Edowin Burakku!!?)
  • “I will enforce this imperial wrath with force and meaning!” (その逆鱗、打と意地を以って貫き通すッ! Sono gekirin, utsu to iji wo motte tsuranuki tōsu!?)

Vs. Aldrych Edit

  • “Aldrych! Your sneaky hand won't work for me!” (アルドリッチ!この俺に貴様の卑劣な手は通用せん! Arudoricchi! Kono ore ni kisama no hiretsuna te wa tsūyō sen!?)
  • “Dark Lord Aldrych! I challenge you to a fight!” (大魔王アルドリッチ!いざ尋常に勝負!! Daimaō Arudoricchi! Iza jinjō ni shōbu!!?)
  • “Who the hell do you think I am?! I am the Samurai! The Goddamn Samurai! And I am the sword that cuts down demons!!” (我を誰だと思ってやがる?!我は侍!死神の侍だ!魔族を断つ剣なりっ!! Ware wa dare da to omotte yagaru?! Ware wa Samurai! Shinigami no Samurai da! Mazoku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!!?)

Vs. Quasar Estes Edit

  • “I am the Samurai! The Goddamn Samurai! The blade that falls upon false gods!!” (我は侍!死神の侍!偽神を断つ剣なり!! Ware wa Samurai! Shinigami no Samurai! Nisegami wo tatsu tsurugi nari!!?)
  • “Is that how you name yourself as God, Quasar Estes!?” (その程度で神を名乗るか、クエサル・エステス! Sono teido de kami o nanoru ka, Kuesaru Esutesu!?)
  • “Legendary Forbidden…! I shall not fall to the likes of you!” (伝説の禁断…!貴様などに、屠られる俺ではない!! Densetsu no kindan…! Kisama nado ni, hofura reru orede wanai!!?)
  • “Such a false god like yourself is not a worthy opponent of mine!” (お前ごと偽神など、この俺の相手ではない! Omae goto nisegami nado, kono ore no aite de wanai!?)

Vs. the Final Gods Edit

  • “Avatars of destruction, the Goddamn Samurai shall be your opponent!!” (破壊の化身共よ、この死神の侍が相手だ!! Hakai no keshin domo yo, kono Shinigami no Samurai ga aite da!!?)
  • “I am not intimidated by massive numbers!” (数に臆する俺ではない! Kazu ni okusuru ore de wanai!?)
  • “The Great Samuraider shall crush your formation!” (貴様らの布陣、このグレートサムライダーが突き崩す! Kisamara no fujin, kono Gurēto Samuraidā ga tsuki kuzusu!?)
  • “No matter the enemy, my sword Kokuzantou shall simply cut them down!” (いかなる敵であろうとも、黒斬刀にて切り捨てるのみ! Ikanaru teki dearou tomo, Kokuzantō nite kirisu teru nomi!?)
  • Obliterating all of my enemies is all that matters! (眼前の敵は全て打ち砕くのみ! Ganzen no teki wa subete uchi kudaku nomi!?)

Vs. Quasarmageddon Chaos Edit

  • “Absolute God Quasarmageddon Chaos! You shall be brought down to oblivion! I am the Samurai! The Goddamn Samurai! The sword that cleaves down evil spirits!!” (絶対神クエサルマゲドン・カオス!冥府への案内つかまつるッ!!我は侍!死神の侍!悪霊を断つ剣なりッ!! Zettaishin Kuesarumagedon Kaosu! Meifu e no annai tsukamatsuru!! Ware wa Samurai! Shinigami no Samurai! Akuryō wo tatsu tsurugi nari!!?)
  • “Your grudge won't take anything from me!!” (貴様の怨念など、この俺には通用せん!! Kisama no onnen nado, kono ore ni wa tsūyō sen!!?)
  • “Absolute God! Until I defeat you, I will not die!!” (絶対神!貴様を倒すまで、この俺は死なん!! Zettaishin! Kisama wo taosu made, kono ore wa shinan!!?)
  • “Absolute God! You won't lay your hand upon me!” (絶対神!貴様に俺を捉えることは出来ん!! Zettaishin! Kisama ni ore wo toraeru koto wa dekin!!?)
  • “Perish, Absolute God! From beyond the Event Horizon!” (滅せよ、絶対神!因果地平の彼方へ!!?)

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  • The Goddamn Samurai's outfit, personality, origin story and other aspects are based and inspired by the DC superhero Batman. As such, fans nicknamed him the "Japanese Batman".
    • Likewise, Jin and Ingrid's relationship mirrors that of Batman and Catwoman respectively, in that both of them are rivals who are also romantically involved at the same time, share different ways of dealing with crime but nevertheless share the same view on justice and morality and the anti-heroine become part of the reason why the black-clad vigilante become less aggressive and more open with people as time went on.
  • The Samurai is one of the most popular characters among the series' fanbase, as revealed in a character poll in 2026 where he was placed 3rd among others, and then 1st on the following year.
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