The Mana Emperor God Sigma (魔名大帝ゴッドシグマ Mana Daitei Goddo Shiguma?) is the combining anti-kaiju mecha that makes its first appearance in God-Sigma vs. God-Mars: War of the Gods.


It remains the same as with it's original counterpart but with major differences.


God Sigma vs. Godmars Edit

Earth was at war with both Eldar and Gishin forces in a conflict called the One Month War. God Sigma was built by the combined efforts of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the United States military as a giant combat robot to be controlled by the best pilots who worked within the United States Air Force. Its involvement in the One Month War helped the United Nations greatly in repelling two different opposing alien factions.

Twenty-five years ago, God Sigma is repaired, upgraded and readjusted by the higher-ups of the Fukuoka Witch Academy to provide Toshiya Izuka something to use fight with alongside Rina Koyanagi and Tanaka Rina.

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