Gengetsu Kibaoni (牙鬼幻月 Kibaoni Gengetsu?, Fanged Oni Paraselene) is the main antagonist of Kaiju of Shadows Kurobare, the patriarch of the Kibaoni clan and the leader of the Youkai Legion.

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Ariake no Kata Edit

She is Gengetsu's wife.

Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni Edit

Kyuemon is Gengetsu's firstborn son.

Mangetsu Kibaoni Edit

Mangetsu is Gengetsu's other son.

Felicia Edit

Looking for more mischief and opportunity to plays games with Kurenai, Felicia joined sides with the Kibaoni family as their sort-of ally.

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  • Gangataikaku (含牙戴角?) - Gengetsu's main weapon; a naginata.
  • Way of the Supreme Fang - Hundred Demons Illusion (牙凌道 百鬼幻 Garyōdō Hyakkigen?) - An attack that creates massive jaws that separates into multiple explosive fangs that charge to his opponents.
  • Way of the Supreme Fang - Asura (牙凌道 阿修羅 Garyōdō Ashura)?) - An attack that creates phantom hands that strike his opponents.

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