Gebel Gehennah (ゲベル・ゲヘナ Geberu Gehena?) is a powerful dragon deity that resides in the Space-Time Gap. It is known as the biblical Dragon recorded in the Book of Revelations, prophesied to bring about the beginning of Apokalypsis, a cataclysmic event which is said to come about the ultimate end of the universe.

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Gehennah is a massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his snout and has two wide sets of wings. His overall length measures around 150,000 meters and height at about 40,000 meters, possibly making him the largest recorded dragon in history.

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  • Gebel Gehennah's name stems from two Hebrew terms. "Geber", meaning "man", is the counterpart Hebrew word of "Nashim", which in turn means "woman", which alludes to the implication that Gebel Gehennah is the counterpart to Nashim Neshamah. Gehenna is the name of of a small valley in Jerusalem, Israel, where, according the Bible, it was the place where some of the Kings of Judah sacrificed their children by fire and was cursed afterwards. It is said to the Judaic equivalent to Hell, the destination of the wicked.
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