“Mind if I play here for a while?”

Felicia (フエリシア Ferishia?) is the secondary antagonist of Kaiju of Shadows Kurobare and the archenemy of the Taimanin Kurenai Shinganji.


Felicia is a petite fair-skinned flat-chested girl with pointed ears and red eyes. She sports a long pink hair with twintails that reaches down her waist and a black collar around her neck. She wears a white dress and wields a scythe.


Kaiju of Shadows Kurobare

Kaiju World War: Part 1

Kaiju World War: Part 2



Gengetsu Kibaoni

While she has no deep interest with Gengetsu Kibaoni, Felicia has admiration for the youkai king due to his conquest complex. She felt that if she served him, she would be free to play more complicated games against her enemies.

Kurenai Shinganji

As the archrival of the Taimanin, she takes great delight in playing one-sided games with Kurenai and inflicting pain and misery upon her.


  • Summon Evil (サモンイーブル Samon Īburu?) - Felicia can summon shadows apparitions of victims of her hand to fight by her side.



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