Eisen Faust (アイゼン・ファウスト Aizen Fausuto?) is one of the main villains of Shin Gamera. He is one of the seven golems created by a mysterious dark sorcerer known as "Faust" (whose true name is later revealed to be Aldrych). Eisen was created for the purpose to revive his evil master in the advent of his death. "Faust" entrusted his creation with his heart until a suitable body can be found. Eisen has spent thousands of years single-mindedly researching methods to bring back his master and provide him with the "ideal" body. In name of his research, Eisen had focused his studies on the magical girls known as witches and have preformed many inhuman experiments on them. Eventually, he came across Ichiro Tachibana and determined that the young man could be the perfect host for his master.

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Several years before the advent of Shin Gamera, Eisen kidnapped Kaya Blanche when she was a little girl as a means to lure Kaya's mother, a witch, into a trap. Since her daughter was held hostage, Kaya's mother was easily captured. Eisen would spend several days performing inhuman experiments on the witch, while young Kaya was forced to watch. At some point, Kaya and her mother were able to escape, however Kaya's mother eventually died due to the experiments that were done to her and entrusted her daughter to her best friend Yuuko Morino.

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