“The age of gods and sorcerers is over! The golden age of man begins!”
—Dyma Goldwin

Dyma Goldwin (ダイマ・ゴードウィン Daima Gōdouwin?) is one of the most important political figures in the Mahou Kaiju Series, being the founder and CEO of the ATVC Union and the President of the United States of America. He has made prominent appearances in the series' Downfall Arc and Kaiju World War Arc, before becoming the main antagonist of the Young Braves Brigade anime.


Dyma is a tall and muscular middle-aged man who has brown hair with thick eyebrows and yellow eyes.


As a politician, Dyma Goldwin puts a very respectful and gentlemanly image to befriend people.

However, despite his polite demeanor, Dyma is a staunch human supremacist who deems any race he sees as nonhuman, including the Magi and the Underworld denizens, as hostile and undesirable to live on Earth, which in his eyes is always meant to be the world of humans.


Prior life

Corporate power

In the midst of the Great Collapse, Goldwin merged the companies of AT&T, ComCast and Verizon into a huge megacorporation known as the ATVC Union.

Goldwin's anti-Hillary campaign posters

Presidential term

Dictatorship and Downfall

World Government and King of the Earth

Dyma proclaims himself "King of the Earth"

Overthrow and Impeachment

The Young Brave Brigade encounters Dyma, who is now piloting the 500-meter giant robot and the flagship mecha of his government, the DyGaian.




  • “ATVC Corporate Philosophy 6: If you don't like it, get outta here!” (ATVC規則その六・・・やる気のないものは去れ! Eitivishi shoku sono-roku: yaruki no nai mono wa sare!?)


Character Art




  • Dyma's full name, Dymanec Samuel Goldwin, is based from the late legendary American-Polish filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn.
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