DyGaian I (ダイガイアン1号 Daigaian Ichi-gō?) was the flagship machine of the ATVC Union and personal mecha of the company CEO and United States President Dyma Goldwin.

It was one of two of the DyGaian models that the ATVC Union used against the Young Braves Brigade, the other being DyGaian II.

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DyGaian is an extremely colossal robot, towering at the impressive height of over five hundred meters.

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DyGaian 4

DyGaian firing its Condemnation Wave Cannon

The two blade fins from DyGaian's shoulders form an extremely large and powerful sword nicknamed ATVC Sword (ATVCソード Eitivuishi Sōdo?), though Dyma himself calls it the Galactic Conviction Sword. (銀河断獄剣 Ginga Dangokuken?)

The blue sphere on its chest is armed with the Mana Condemnation Wave Cannon (魔名力断罪波動砲 Manaryoku Danzai Hadōhō?) inside, where the mana energies fueled within the mecha are concentrated whenever it would be used.

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The DyGaian is composed of a myriad of powerful attacks that it can use to dispose of its enemies:

  • All-Cannon Simultaneous Fire (全砲同時爆射 Zenhōdōji Bakusha?) - The DyGaian fires all of its cannons and guns on its body simultaneously with a massive rain and barrage of missiles, lasers, rockets, etc.
  • Lightning Stream Release (流電解砲 Ryuden Kaihō?) - The giant robot lets out an electromagnetic blast for each of its fingers from two of its hands.
  • One-Sword Cleave: Spiritual Slash (一刀両断・霊光斬り Ittō Ryōdan: Reikōgiri?) - Armed with the ATVC Sword, the DyGaian charges towards the enemy at lightning-speed and cuts them down with a horizontal slash.
  • One-Sword Cleave: Strike of Destiny (一刀両断・運余の太刀 Ittō Ryōdan: Unyo no Tachi?) - The DyGaian stabs the opponent with the ATVC Sword and spins the sword at high speeds, creating a twister that propels the enemy upwards. The mech would then leap towards the opponent, with its sword coated with blue electric energy, and cleave them in half before they explode.
  • Judgement Wave (裁気超雷波 Sabaki Chōraiha?) - DyGaian unleashes an ultra-powerful beam of concentrated Mana energy from the Mana Wave Condemnation Cannon on its chest towards a certain area, causing a blazing nuclear explosion.

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