Doctor Gura (鳥栖阿グラー博士 Gurā-hakase?) was a high ranking scientist in the Hyakki Empire and a deadly threat to humanity.

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Gura was a short elderly Oni, he was bald with a thick beard, spiked sideburns and large eyebrows. He had a horn located centered on his forehead and was never seen with out his monocle. His human disguise was near identical, only without the horn.

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Gura was scheming and manipulative, and even more dedicated to the Hyakki Empire than Emperor Burai himself was. He is willing to trick a town with no doctors into becoming test subjects for his experiments to expand the empire's army by disguising his laboratory as a hospital.

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Gura was one of the best scientists of the Hyakki Empire, having a hand in the Hyakki Robots' creation. He also controls several and Hyakki Robots using a machine he invented channeling electric signals similar to a remote control.

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