Desfelmion (デスフェルミオン Desuferumion?) was the supreme entity ruling the Underworld from the depths of Cocytus and the body that Lucifer inhabited after being banished to Hell. Throughout much of the Kaiju World War saga, he was the hidden leader of the Underworld Legion, until the revelation that he was actually being manipulated by Aldrych and the Forbidden.

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Desfelmion is depicted to be an immensely colossal entity with four clawed arms, six wings and a sleek serpentine body with purple skin and scales, clad in dark-purple armoring with golden decorations and violet gemstones. Below its head are the three faces of the three most treacherous men in history: Brutus on the left, Cassius on the right and Judas Iscariot on the center.

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  • God-like Immortality -
  • God-like Invulnerability -

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  • Desfelmion's appearance is based off Satan's depiction from Inferno of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
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