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“Thank you, Mitsuki Kaiou. Your whore of a girlfriend Isuka really did me a favor. With the Stone of the Dragon Blood, I can unleash upon the whole human race the same hell like I did with the one you love!”
Dershiva (デアシバ Deashiba?) is the God-King of the Dragemons (竜魔帝王 Ryūma Teiō?), the supreme ruler of the Dragemon race of the Underworld, the emperor of the Jamatai Kingdom and the main antagonist of Nagai: Signs of Pain, Rage and Sorrow.

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In his initial humanoid appearance, Dershiva is an overweight man with a slightly muscular figure and dark-purple skin. He has yellow sclera on his eyes and thick pinkish-red hair that is wavy and curly like it's in flames. He wears red armor and always has a small blue serpentine dragon coiled around his neck.

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As Dragemon Emperor, Dershiva is cruelly vicious, arrogant and cold-blooded in his quest to conquer the surface and enslave the population of Earth. He is also very impatient, having growing tired of waiting for the day he would return to the surface to exact his revenge.

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As the Dragemon Emperor, Dershiva is very powerful.

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