“Every neighbor of mine who stands against Japan deserves to die a traitor's death.”
Danjou Fuuma (ふうま 弾正 Fūma Danjō?) was the father of Kotaro Fuuma and Tokiko Fuuma and the former patriarch of the Fuuma clan before he betrayed the Taimanin and led a clan rebellion against their peers. He appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1 as one of the movie's main antagonists.

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Danjou is an arrogant and power-hungry man who desires to rule and change Japan through force and conquest, by crushing it and making it rise from the ashes of its former "degenerate" identity.

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Danjou led his clan and followers in a rebellion against the Taimanin led by their supreme commander Asagi Igawa. The armed insurgency ended in failure when Danjou was slain by Asagi.

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In 2035, Furst resurrected Danjou through dark magics harnessed from of an Orb of Antares.

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