“That loser, that sponge… That parvenu, that lazy bones! How dare he say I'm incapacitated?!”
Ramay, showing disdain for Brocken

Count Brocken Grimmer (ブロッケン・グリマー伯爵 Burokken Gurimā Hakushaku?) was a lieutenant serving in the Mycenae Empire and the Underworld Legion. He first appeared in Gamera vs. The Great General of Darkness.

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Rebellion and Madness[edit | edit source]

Dissatisfied with the Revian government's inability to take action under an incompetent federal body according to him, Brocken, who was a major in the Revian armed forces, led a military coup in an attempt to overthrow the Princess Sarah Leviathan and create a new government to break away from the Underworld Commonwealth. However, it failed and as a result, Brocken was captured, sentenced to death and guillotined. However, the next day, Hades stole his body and head and resurrected him. Swearing loyalty to him, Brocken swore revenge against the Revians.

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