“A keen and clear conquest!”
Connor Albatrosa (コナー・アルバトロサ Konā Arubatorosa?) is one of the many characters introduced the Mahou Kaiju Series' Kaiju World War Arc, appearing as one of the protagonists of the anime Young Braves Brigade and one of the founders of the aforementioned superhero youth team who could transform into the winged kaiju Gale-Phoenix.

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Connor has green eyes and spiked blonde hair, similar to his elder brother Zark. Worn in his hair is a green headband. He wears a green shirt with yellow and white armor, bulky white pants, and what appears to be a pair of green wings. He also has a green scarf.

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Connor is serious and uptight who doesn't treat even small situations lightly. However, he still has a caring side, and is shown to care for his companions. He considers the use of Magi powers to be very serious, and he battles only for the sake of his family or to a greater extent, for his birth-country America. He is also honorable about his role as a battler from the Albatrosa clan.

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Kaiju World War Part 1 Edit

Connor's Eviction Notice

Connor's notice of eviction

Young Braves Brigade Edit

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Kenta Mogami Edit

Kenta Mogami is Connor's partner in combat and best friend. A lot of times, Kenta's immaturity, impulsiveness and naivety contrast with Connor's serious and uptight demeanor; as a result, Connor can get annoyed by the red-haired boy's antics. Nevertheless, he is glad to be a friend of his and fighting alongside him in times of troubles and crises.

Mei Merryhadda Edit

Mei Merryhadda views Connor as someone like an older brother since Mei is a few years younger than him.

Zark Albatrosa Edit

Akiyama Family Edit

Lilim Edit

Connor first develops an on-and-off rivalry with the young female demoness Lilim which then turns into a love-hate relationship.

Abilities Edit

  • Mana Sensitivity - Like his brother Zark, Connor is born from the Magi human species. Therefore, his body is reactive to mana and is able to cast supernatural powers because of this.
  • Wind manipulation -
  • Flight - Connor also has the ability to fly. In his armored form, his steel wings enhance this ability, allowing to fly faster and higher.
  • Kaiju Transformation - He can transform into the bird kaiju Gale-Phoenix.
    • Greater Kaiju Transformation -
    • Super Kaiju Transformation -

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Quotes Edit

  • “Come out, my greater power! Faster than the wind, higher than the clouds! Dance in the heavens with your majestic wings! Kaiju transformation, Windbird Kaiju Gale-Phoenix!” (出てこい、俺の大いなる力!風より速く、雲より高く!雄々しき翼で天に舞え!怪獣変身、風酉の怪獣ゲイル・フェニックス! Detekoi, ore no ooinaru chikara! Kaze yori hayaku, kumo yori takaku! Ooshiki tsubasa de ten ni mae! Kaijū henshin, Fūtori no kaijū Geiru-Fenikkusu!?)
  • “A keen and clear conquest!!” (ズバッとビシッと大勝利!! Zubatto bishitto dai-shōri! !?) (victory catchphrase)
  • “Great air filling Heaven and Earth, become a wind! Swiftly and ferociously, blow them away! Greater Kaiju Transformation! Thunderspeed Kaiju Gale-Phoenix-Voltech!” (天地満ちる大気よ、旋風かぜとなれ! 速く激しく、吹き荒れろ!大怪獣変身!雷速の怪獣ゲイル・フェニックスヴォルテック Tenchi michiru taiki yo, kaze to nare! Hayaku hageshiku, fukiarero! Dai kaijū henshin! Raisoku no kaijū Geiru-Fenikkusu-Vorutekku!?)
  • Kenta: “Burn up, flames of spirits!”
    Connor: “Become a new wind!”
    Both: “Dazzling and powerful shining form, bring light to our future! Super Kaiju Transformation! The New God Kaiju Exe-Gale-Seed!!”
    Moeagare, tamashī no honō!
    Aratanaru kaze to nare!
    Mabayuku tsuyoku, kagayaku sugata de, mirai o terase! Chō kaijū henshin! Magami no kaijū Eguze-Geiru-Shīdo!!
  • “We have no need for a new universe! What we want is a peaceful future!” (新しい宇宙など必要ない! 必要なのは平和な未来だ! Atarashī uchū nado hitsuyō nai! Hitsuyōna no wa heiwana mirai da!?) (Vs. Quasarmageddon Chaos)
  • Kenta: “Quasarmageddon Chaos! Become…!”
    Connor: “Wind…!”
    Kuesarumagedon Kaosu yo! Honō ni…!
    Kaze ni…!

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