“Even with such knowledge, the truth cannot be reached. But still, knowledge is growth.”
Chevalier Dupant (シュヴァリエ・デュパン Shuvarie Dupan?) is the prime alchemist and one of most prominent sorceresses of the Underworld. She first appeared in Kaiju World War: Part 1.

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Chevalier is a woman of knowledge, interested in the sciences of the Underworld and collecting information, including ancient spells and rare items. She would be become more hooked on a quest to collect information by making more frequent visits and witnessing events on Earth.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

Chevalier originated from the Principality of Revia and rose to the rank of Viscount, winning the favor of the Revian Princess Sera Leviathan. Her house is littered with ancient books piled up like a mountain. She studied magic for centuries and because of her knowledge and contributing to the technology of the Underworld Commonwealth, she became the most prominent alchemist of the Underworld. Although not very interested in fighting, those who disturb her research are relentlessly repelled with her ancient magic. Sometimes, she would go to outside realms, such as the human world, to capture rare books and creatures.

Recently, she has been interested in the various movements and events in the surface world, and has been visiting there more frequently. For that purpose, she has set up bases in dark towns such as Yomihara and Amidahara, and bring in a large amount of her books and research equipment. From his vast knowledge, she speculates that the Magi humans, such as those from the Justice Alliance or the Taimanin, may be the key to the truth of this world.

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  • Helian Longevity
  • Ancient magical powers
  • Flame manipulation

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  • Joker (ジョーカー Jōkā?)
  • Exorcism Petals (祓いの花弁 Harai no Hanabira?)
  • Demonic Branch (鬼打ちの枝 Oniuchi no Eda?)
  • Pink Flower Flame Dance (桃華炎舞 Momoka Enmai?)

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  • “You must be a strange human to be interested in the books of Chevalier. I will allow you to browse, as long as you don't disturb my research.” (シュヴァリエの書物に興味を持つとは珍しい人間ね。研究の邪魔をしないのならば、閲覧を許可するわ Shuvarie no shomotsu ni kyōmiwomotsu to wa mezurashī ningen ne. Kenkyū no jama o shinai nonaraba, etsuran o kyoka suru wa?)
  • “What do you want to do? Everything starts with knowing it if you try to do it.” (あなたがしたいことは?目的をなそうとしたらそれを知ることから全てが始まるわ Anata ga shitai koto wa? Mokuteki o nasou to shitara sore o shiru koto kara subete ga hajimaru wa?)
  • “Indeed, it's interesting… your behavior is a philosophy” (なるほど、中々に興味深い……あなたのその行動も一つの哲学と言えるわね Naruhodo, chūchū ni kyōmibukai… anata no sono kōdō mo hitotsu no tetsugaku to ieru wa ne?)
  • “I thought you like reading. But, instead… that is a bluff. Forget it.” (あなたは読書が好きなのね。しかし、そのわりには……これは失言ね。忘れて Anata wa dokusho ga sukina no ne. Shikashi, sono warini wa… koreha shitsugen ne. Wasurete?)
  • “I have gained another piece of knowledge.” (またひとつ、知識を得たわ Mata hitotsu, chishiki wo eta wa?)
  • “The only time I can really say that I am using my books is that it's like my own food.” (真に文章を紐解いたと言えるのは、内容を自身の糧としたときね Makoto ni bunshō wo himotoita to ieru no wa, naiyō wo jishin no kate to shita toki ne?)
  • “Even with such knowledge, the truth cannot be reached. But still, knowledge is growth.” (これほどの知識を得ても、真理には辿り着けない。されど、それを知ることこそ成長よ Kore hodo no chishiki o ete mo, shinri ni wa tadoritsukenai. Saredo, sore o shiru koto koso seichō yo?)
  • “~Chuckle~ Receive this!” (ウッフフ、受けなさい! Uffufu, uke nasai!?)

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