“My name is Cerastes. The mercenary going with the flow. Pay me tightly and I'll go wild!”
Cerastes (セラステス Serasutesu?) is a Naga mercenary woman who would become an ally of the Taimanin in the Kaiju World War Saga.

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Cerastes is a fighter who takes enjoyment from fighting in dangerous situations and thinks that mercenary employment next to death is a vocation. Her reaction of rejoicing when getting a new weapon come off as a bit childish.

For much of her life up until this point, she was incredibly hostile to humans, due to her trauma coming from being bullied and tormented throughout her childhood because of their prejudice towards demons, and she especially dislikes those who act mighty and high and those who throw up justice.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

Cerastes is born from a high-ranking demonic race called the Naga. Currently, she performs mercenary business in the Earth's surface world. She was born in the human world, in a village in Belgium's capital city of Brussels and raised by humans, who were not aware that she is a Naga. She acted as a human with a mask that transforms her into her human form purchased from a physician. Because of her trauma of being despised as a Naga since childhood, she developed a strong sense of hatred towards humanity, especially those who stay high, and both the Justice Alliance and Taimanin are symbols of disgust to her.

She hears rumors that a clan warrior named Kariya is in the human world, and meets Kotaro Fuuma on a journey to find her. Normally, Nagas can transform into human forms by their own power, but Cerastes, raised by humans, rely on magic masks because she does not know how.

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Cerastes is a very competent and tough fighter, thanks to both her experience as a mercenary and her physiology as a Naga.

  • Expert weapon handling
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman durability
  • Extrasensory vision

Weapons Edit

She has large armored claws (装甲の大爪 sōkō no daisō?) that can deal heavy melee damage and fire finger missiles.

She wields two energy shotguns called Shark Guns that can fire electromagnetic power.

Attacks Edit

  • Twin Fire (双銃連射 Sōjū Rensha?)
  • Explosive Claws (炸裂の大爪 Shakunetsu no daisō?) – Cerastes can fire finger missiles from her claws, one at a time or all at once, at her opponents.
  • Suppressive Fire (サプレッシブ・ファイヤー Sapuresshibu Faiyā?)
  • Super-Powered Precision Shooting (超威力精密射撃 Chōiryoku Seimitsu Shageki?)
  • Sand Horn Viper (角砂鎖蛇 Tsuna Suna Kusari Hebi?)
  • Serpentine Dance (蛇化乱舞 Ika Ranbu?)

Quotes Edit

  • “My name is Cerastes. The mercenary going with the flow. Pay me tightly, I'll go wild!” (あたいの名はセラステス。流れの傭兵さ。キッチリ払ってくれりゃ、いくらでも暴れてやるぜ! Atai no na wa serasutesu. Nagare no yōhei sa. Kitchiri haratte kurerya, ikurademo abarete yaru ze!?)
  • “I must've kept you waiting. This is the call of Celestes! This new turtle gun. How strong is that? I'm about to go crazy!!” (待たせたな。このあたい、セラステス様の参上だ! この新しくガメてきた銃。どうだ強そうだろぉ?ガンガン暴れ回ってやるぜッ!! Mata seta na. Kono atai, serasutesu-sama no sanjōda! Kono atarashiku gamete kita jū. Dōda tsuyo-sōdaro? Gangan abare mawatte yaru ze!!?)
  • “Yeah! I’m so excited!” (よぉ~し!漲ってきたぁ! Yoo~shi! Minagitte kita~!?)
  • “Hey, I got stronger again. Just how much?” (おいおい、まぁた強くなっちまうのかぁ?どんだけだよぉ? Oioi, ma~ata tsuyoku natchimau no kā? Don dake da yo~??)
  • “It's not enough… I have to get tougher?” (まだまだだ…もっと強くなれるぜ? Madamadada… motto tsuyoku nareru ze??)
  • “Huh? Stupid, I'm not moulting! If it's not a joke, let's release it?” (はあぁ?バカ、脱皮なんてしねぇし!ふざけたことぬかすと、ぶっ放すぞぉ? Haa~? Baka, dappi nante shineshi! Fuzaketa koto nukasu to, buppanasu zo??)
  • “It's time to show you the true form.” (あたいの本当の姿を見せる時が来たようだな Atai no hontō no sugata o miseru toki ga kita yōda na?)
  • “Yo? Why don't you try powering up with this Shark Gun too, like me?” (どぉーよ?このサメガンも、あたいと一緒にパワーアップしたみてぇだぜ? Do~ yo? Kono same gan mo, atai to issho ni pawāappu shita mitee~ daze??)
  • “…Ugh? You, what now? Can't do it?” (……あぁン?なんだテメェ。やる気か? …An? Nanda teme. Yaruki ka??)
  • “Look at this, a new weapon!! I call it the Shark Gun! So cool!” (見ろよコレ、新しく手に入れた武器!!その名も‘‘サメガン‘‘だ!どうだ、カッコイイだろぉー! Miro yo kore, atarashiku teniireta buki!! Sono na mo "samegan" da! Dōda, kakkoī daroー!?)
  • “This firepower is so good, it's shocking! The power of this electromagnetic gun is really serious business!! How COOOOOL!” (いいぜこの衝撃、ビリビリ来るッ!この電磁砲の威力マジハンパねぇよ!!サイッコォーッ! Ii ze kono shōgeki, biribiri kuru! Kono denji-hō no iryoku majihanpa nē yo!! Saikkoooo!?)
  • “This shark gun can be a sword or a gun. Take this!! Finisher, SHARK BEEEEEAAAM!!” (この‘‘サメガン‘‘は、剣にも銃にもなる。喰らえぇ!!必殺、サメ・ビィィィームッ!! Kono "samegan" wa, ken ni mo jū ni mo naru. Kurae!! Hissatsu, same bīmu!!?)

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