Cara Cromwell (カーラ・クロムウェル Kāra Kuromuweru?) is the benevolent queen of the vampires of the Kingdom of Skarrose and one of the main characters of The Earth Defense Force.

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Cara is an amiable and unwarlike vampire queen who expresses interest with interacting with humans. She considers them companions instead of food and also possesses no issue with working alongside them.

Like any good ruler should, Cara shows genuine concern for her people and kingdom, e.g. when they are danger of being in the clutches of the plans of her vicious uncle Gram. Another instance is when the Asmodian Empire tried to assimilate Skarrose into the Underworld Legion for the means of subjugating all life on Earth. Multiple occasions show that Cara legitimately wants to protect her nation and the Underworld from anything that could be a potential threat against it. As implied above, she does not seek to oppress the humans of the surface world.

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Cara shows great disdain against her uncle Gram Derrick.




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