“The Sun Ring is within my grasp.”
Banjou Haran (破嵐 万丈 Haran Banjō?) is the main protagonist of Daitarn 3: Supreme Hero. He is the pilot of the colossal solar-powered super robot Daitarn 3.

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Banjo is a young man with a well-toned physique composed of a few muscles and ab lines on his body and fair-colored skin tone. He has thick turquoise hair spike upwards, thick eyebrows and blue eyes.


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  • “The Sun Ring is within my grasp!” (日輪は我にあり! Nichirin wa ware ni ari!?)
  • “With the power of the Sun Ring, now is the time to finish it! Sun! ATTACK!!” (日輪の力を借りて、今必殺の!サン!アタァァァック!! Nichirin no chikara o karite, ima hissatsu no! San! ATAAAKKU!!?)

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