“Target threat level: Dangerous. Mandatory elimination requested.”
Aruka Stiel (アルカ・スティエル Aruka Sutieru?) is a character introduced in the film Kaiju World War: Part 1.

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Aruka is a Slovakian-born young woman born to a Slovakian father and Latvian mother. After an accident, she is sent to a facility sanctioned by the Earth Defense Force and spared death by being converted to a powerful cyborg with extraordinary mechanized abilities under the designation AT-T Equipment Armed Humanoid GX-1.

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  • The character was mistakenly spelled as "Alka Steel" by the majority of the fandom. However, according to the Mahou Kaiju Series website and a scene in Kaiju World War: Part 1 where she is being examined for damages confirm the canonical spelling of her name, which is "Aruka Stiel".
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