The Grand Deity Sword Aramandi (だいしんけんアラマンディー Daishinken Aramandī?) is the ancient sword forged by the god Indra and wielded by the original Indian emperor Chandragupta Maurya. It is retrieved by the Justice Alliance in the present age, to be wielded by the young prodigy Rikuro Tachibana.

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Aramandi is a gigantic red broadsword which is entirely made of glimmering ruby melted into metal. Its base and fuller are decorated with several golden floral patterns.

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Over 2300 years ago, Chandragupta Maurya (旃陀羅掘多チャンドラグプタ真瓜矢マウリヤ?) was born in a poor family. With the divine guidance of Aramandi, Chandragupta was able to defeat countless enemies and conquer entire lands in the name of his ever-expanding empire.

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Since it is forged and blessed by a god, Aramandi is composed with the following powers:

  • God-like powers
  • Great durability

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