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Annerose Vajra (アンネローゼ ヴァジュラ Annerōze Vajura?) is the deuteragonist and the female protagonist of Kaiju of Steel Kabugata and a supporting character of Gamera vs. The Great General of Darkness. She is known as the "Steel Witch of Amidahara".


Annerose Vajra has black hair and yellow-ish green eyes.


Kaiju of Steel Kabugata[]

Gamera vs. The Great General of Darkness[]

Kaiju World War: Part 1[]

Kaiju World War: Part 2[]


Although she Comes off as Cold Aloof and Standoffish. Annerose has Layers of Compassion and Care Buried within her and at times she's not afraid to show it those she truly Cares about.


Rikurou Tachibana[]

In the first few years since Rikurou was taken in to be Annerose's servant, their relationship was very rough for Rikurou to come across until the events of Kaiju of Steel Kabugata.

Mitico Fleuretty[]

Prior to Rikurou being Annerose's other servant, Mitico Fleuretty is deeply devoted to serving Annerose.


As the Iron Witch of Amidahara, she has extraordinary displays of her strengths and magical abilities that makes her a formidable force to be reckoned with.

  • Vajrayaksa - She wields a demonic blade called Vajrayaksa, an heirloom bearing her family name.