“My true purpose is fighting.”
Aki Fuuma (ふうま 亜希 Fūma Aki?) is a member of the Fuuma clan who takes a neutral stance during the in-fighting amongst its family members. She is a minor supporting character in the Kaiju World War Saga.

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Aki has a physically well-fit and voluptuous body with large breasts and wide hips. She has white hair with pink shades. She also has heterochromatic eyes, with the colors of her irises left and right, being yellow and red respectively.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

She is a Taimanin from the Fuuma clan, however, despite the clan's power struggle, she takes a neutral position even during the rebellion. Although she tends to be a far cry from other Taimanin due to her abilities and bloodline, her only major priority is defeating the demons without any concern.

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As a Taimanin, Aki is a very combat-capable and strong Taimanin in her own right, as shown with her abilities below:

  • Magi physiology / mana sensitivity
  • Expert swordsmanship

Evil Eye: Death Tear Edit

Aki's signature ability, the Evil Eye "Death Tear" (邪眼・死裂 Jame: Shiretsu?) allows her to increase the lethality of her enemies' wounds and send them in an absolutely paralyzing and excruciating state of death-like pain. While this ability is activated, when an enemy looks at her eyes in a wounded state, it will take an extremely strong toll to their survival, and even a small wound will feel like a fatal wound that has had its organs cut off from the flesh. Then, the opponent's real body is also dragged by the senses, even if the original wound is a slight scratch, it turns into a life-threatening wound.

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  • “Aki Fuuma, at your service. My real role is fighting. I will leave the command to you.” (ふうま亜希だ、よろしく頼む。私の本分は戦闘だ。部隊の指揮は君に任せよう Fūma Aki da, yoroshiku tanomu. Watashi no honbun wa sentō da. Butai no shiki wa kimi ni makaseyou?)
  • “It seems that my body has become lighter.” (身のこなしが軽くなったようだ Mi no konashi ga karuku natta yō da?)
  • “It seems that my body has become lighter.” (身のこなしが軽くなったようだ Mi no konashi ga karuku natta yō da?)

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