Ai Fujisaki (藤崎 愛 Fujisaki Ai?) is the deuteragonist of Daitarn 3: Supreme Hero. She is the beautiful top-rank police investigator leading Team One of the Organized Crime Special Assault Team (O.S.C.A.T.), an armed special force countering organized crime.

Appearance Edit

Ai is a curvaceous young woman with a slim and fitting physique, evident with her pale skin, wide hips and large bust. She has silvery-white long hair and blue irises over her eyes.

Her battle outfit is a blue skintight suit on her torso and legs, with transparent coverings on her arms and thighs. It has a silver collar and boots.


Daitarn 3: Supreme HeroEdit

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Yukari MiyamuraEdit

Miwako SawamotoEdit

Miwako Sawamoto is the biological mother of Ai.

Banjo HaranEdit

It is soon revealed that Banjo Haran is Ai's half-brother who shares the same father as her's.


Her body is enhanced with nano machines giving her superhuman abilities and the ability to metalize her limbs as weapons.



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