Academy Overture

Academy Overture (学園序曲 Gakuen Jokyoku?) is the first musical piece that is performed by the characters, out of the many that appear in the movie Kaiju of Retribution Tatsuya.

Romanized Lyrics Edit

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Kono torofī
Kagayakashiki hīrō
Mohaya, kage mo naki Rōma!

[Josei Gasshō]
Izautae odoreyo, ka no hito tatae
Iza homare tataeyo, warera ga tsuwamono

[Dansei Gasshō]
Takarakani hibiku, Karutago no toranpetto
Warera ga eiyū

Mukae yo, han'nibaru o!

Kaeri koshi, waga sokoku
Kanashiya na, Rōma no ejiki


Warera ga tomonaru, ooshiki zō yo
Daichi mo todoroku, iza ya kitare yo

Atsuki kuchidzuke, kagayaku hikari

Kono mi mo kokoro mo, subete sasageru

Takarakani hibiku, Karutago no toranpetto
Warera ga eiyū, mukae yo
Hannibaru o!

This trophy from our saviors
From our saviors
From the enslaving force of Rome!

[Female Chorus]
With feasting and dancing and song
Tonight in celebration
We greet the victorious throng
Returned to bring salvation

[Male Chorus]
The trumpet of Carthage resound
Hear, Romans, now and tremble
Hark to our step on ground

Hear the drums!
Hannibal comes!

Sad to return
To find the land we love
Threatened once more
By Roma's far-reaching grasp

[Spoken interlude]

Our majestic friends
The trumpeting elephant sound
Hear, Romans, now and tremble
Hark to their step on the ground

Those warm and delicious lips, illuminated by the light

I will lay my body and heart, on the battlefield to fight

The trumpet of Carthage resound
Hear, Romans, now and tremble
Hark to our step on ground
Hear the drums!
Hannibal comes!

Spoken Interlude Edit

  • Manabu: Gentlemen, gentlemen—
  • Isamu: Rehearsals, as you can see, are underway for a new production on Chalumeau's Hannibal.
  • Manabu: Mr. Aramoto, I am rehearsing!
  • Isamu: Mr. Takewata, Mrs. Sugita, ladies and gentlemen, uh, please, if I could have your attention, thank you. As you know, for some weeks there have been rumors of my imminent retirement. I can now tell you that these are all true.
  • Reona: (interrupting) Ah-ha!
  • Isamu: And it is my pleasure to introduce you to the two gentlemen who now own the Stadium on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture: Mr. Yazaki Muneichi and Mr. Akira Suzaki.
  • Akira: And we are deeply honored to introduce our new patron:
  • Muneichi: The Light Taimanin Shirogane.
  • Ryuunosuke: My colleagues and I are honored to support all the arts, especially the world-renowned Opera Populaire.
  • Isamu: Sir, gentlemen, Miss Reona Houka, our leading soprano for five seasons.
  • Crowd: Brava! Brava!
  • Isamu: Mister Hiromu Yakushiji.
  • Ryuunosuke: An honor, sir. I believe I am keeping you from your rehearsal. I will be here this evening to share your great triumph. My apologies, mister.
  • Manabu: Thank you, Mister Shirogane! Once more if you please, mister…
  • Reona: (mumbling) He love me. He love me. Love me, love me, love me.
  • Janni: We take particular pride in the excellence of our ballet, mister.
  • Muneichi: I see why. Especially that little blond angel.
  • Janni: My daughter, Karin Sugita.
  • Akira: And that exceptional beauty. No relation, I trust?
  • Janni: Yukikaze Mizuki. Promising talent, Mister Suzaki, Very promising.
  • Muneichi: Mizuki, did you say? No relation to the Tidal Taimanin Shiranui?
  • Janni: Her only child. Orphaned at 10 when she disappeared during one of her missions.
  • Akira: An orphan, you say?

(song continues)

  • Reona: All day! All they want is the dancing!
  • Isamu: Well, the Headmaster is very excited about next week's gala.
  • Reona: (sarcastic laughter) I hope he is as excited about dancing girls as your new managers, because I will not be singing! Bye-bye, you dancing girls! Bye-bye!
  • Muneichi: What do we do?
  • Isamu: Grovel. Grovel, grovel.
  • Akira: Right.
  • Muneichi: Bishou-Oujou-Hime-sama!
  • Reona: Hai! Hai! Hai!
  • Akira: Goddess of song!
  • Muneichi: Mister Takewata, isn't there a rather marvelous aria for Elissa in Act. 3 of Hannibal?
  • Akira: Perhaps the faculty—
  • Reona: Yes, Mister Takewata?
  • Manabu: If my diva commands?
  • Reona: Yes, I do.

Usage Edit

The backdrop of the instrumental segment of the song introduces the Gosha Academy as an integral setting of the Mahou Kaiju Series from then on. A montage is also shown of teachers and mentors training students and youngsters to hone their skills and become Taimanin in their own right, like their predecessors and the previous generation.

The vocal portion of the song shows a group of students practicing a part of the Hannibal stage play in the Gosha Academy Stadium.

Releases Edit

The song is available in two albums:

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