Abarera (アバレラ?) is the kaiju form of Shuuichi Onizaki. In Kaiju World War: Part 2, Abarera would evolve into DaiAbarera.

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Abarera is a massive bipedal dragon-like kaiju with red scales on his body and wings, along with white torso, claws and feet and golden nails. He wears golden metal plates on his shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles. He also wears a red scarf around his neck.

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Kaiju World War: Part 1 Edit

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Abarera is powerful, adopting Shuuichi's Dragon God Fist fighting style.

  • Flight - With his wings, the kaiju can fly.
  • Kaiju Energy (怪獣エナジー Kaijū Enajī?) -

Attacks Edit

  • Ryūjinken (竜神拳?, Dragon God Fist) -
  • Ryūjinken (竜神剣?, Dragon God Blade) -
  • Ryūjin Mōgekiken (竜神猛撃拳?, Dragon God Blitz Fist) -
  • Ryūjin Sōjūgeki (竜神双獣撃?, Dragon God Twin Beast Strike) -
  • Gōha Ryūjinken (轟覇竜神拳?, Rumbling Supreme Dragon God Fist) -
  • Ryūjin Mōgeki Mai Suzaku (竜神猛撃舞朱雀?, Dragon God Blitz Dance of the Flowers) -

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  • Abarera's name is a play on the Japanese word "abare" (暴れ?), which means "to rampage".
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